How to make the switch to Natural Deodorant

Switching to a Natural Deodorant

I remember the first time I ever used a natural deodorant. I was lucky enough to have an amazing sister who was way ahead of me in the low-tox game and was experimenting with her own DIY recipe. I remember it so vividly because I realised I'd been suffering from a sensitivity to conventional deodorants and I had no idea. That day I vowed to never go back and I'm here to help you make the switch. 

Why natural deodorant?

Natural deodorants have been a game-changer for me and have been for so many people... But why? What is it in these jars that makes such a difference? Maybe it's not what's in them but what isn't. After making the switch and no longer experiencing irritation, I realised that there were so many ingredients in these traditional deodorants that weren't serving me in any way. Instead, I opted to fine-tune my favourite essential oil blend and create our Whipped Deodorant that incorporates simple, plant-based ingredients that work.

By making the switch you're allowing your skin to breathe and remove the toxins as it was so cleverly designed too. What you'll find is that simple plant-based ingredients can work even better to keep odour away. This is because using conventional deodorants can disrupt your skin's pH causing an overgrowth of bacteria and that's what actually causes body odour. When you use low-tox products you aren't disrupting that natural pH and a lot of people find they don't actually smell anymore. Our bodies are really clever and given some good, clean products you will be amazed by how simple your self-care can be!

Not all deodorants are created equal

There are a couple of things to look out for when choosing your next underarm bestie. Keep away from products that list 'fragrance' as one of the ingredients. This could mean anything from synthetic to naturally-derived fragrance and these can have a quite harmful, hormone-disrupting impact on your body. We include a detailed list of the wild-harvested essential oils used to scent your Whipped Deodorant for your convenience. Natural deodorants don't need to be filled with lots of weird and wonderful ingredients either! If you can read and understand all of the ingredients then you're onto a winner. Our whipped deodorant is made with simple, high quality plant-based ingredients so you don't have to worry about any hidden fillers or nasties. 

But, I'm worried about sweat stains

I hear you, we've been steered by great marketing campaigns that our clothes should look freshly washed at all times... am I right? I found when I switched over I could actually see my sweat/deodorant rubbed off on my black clothing. But guess what... it came off in the wash. Genius right? Because our products aren't filled with lots of ingredients and chemicals that can react with your skin, what you see on your clothing isn't even a stain. It's more like a little reminder that you wore that item of clothing and it comes out easily in the wash. 

What about skin irritation?

When changing any skincare product, always allow a transitional period for your body to adjust to the new mixture of ingredients being left on your skin. I also love using my favourite clay mask on my underarms during my self-care rituals. It's a great way to give your underarms some love and draw out toxins that might be lying dormant causing additional irritation. We also love recommending our Lavender Fields Whipped Deodorant which is filled with soothing Lavender Essential Oil to love on your skin just a little bit more. Choosing a simple good quality natural deodorant can make a big difference and if you keep an eye out for complex ingredients or fragrance you are well on your way to some underarms that take care of you!

Start your low tox self-care journey with an all natural low tox brand, handmade with the highest quality ingredients. Browse our range below. 



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