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Hey there,

I'm Nicole and I created Freedom Essentials, a low-tox self-care range made to take care of you and your body. I'm 24, married and a turmeric latte lover. I launched the luxe low-tox range in December 2018 but I've been loving these self-care essentials for a while now and my self-care journey started a few years ago.

Early Life

I grew up on the sunny coast of Perth, Western Australia. My childhood was a blur of food, family and culture growing up as a first generation Australian in a bilingual household. One thing I always remember that my parents told my sister and I was that we were so lucky to live in a country of great opportunity, so I knew I had to make them proud and make their big leap worth it. And boy did I really make the most of everything. In high school, I juggled study, family time and late MSN convos with my boyfriend (now husband). Thanks for the advice Mum and Dad! Really though, by the time I finished high school I was totally focused and I had my goals. Uni, marriage, career and kids. 

The Turning Point

Fast forward a couple of years and I was on my way to becoming a Medical Scientist, my dream career. I was dealing with hormonal breakouts which were not at all a part of my plan. I wanted to heal my skin naturally but I was stressed, frustrated, and impatient so I went on the contraceptive pill. Before I knew it I was 5 years into taking synthetic hormones for a skin condition I wasn't even sure I had. I decided that I would take my last pill on our Wedding Day and I would finally tackle any hormonal imbalances naturally. I was ready to go.


I was finally pill free and our wedding that we'd spent 3 years planning was over. With all this freed up time I found myself immersed in the low-tox world. I was determined to heal any hormonal imbalances naturally and I started introducing essential oils into my self-care rituals. I learnt about how wild-harvested plant extracts can support our body's natural systems while chemicals used to fragrance conventional products can actually harm them. My husband patiently listened to all my 'OMG can you believe this' monologues as I learnt about everything that can have an impact on our bodies and our hormones. If I was going to support my skin I had to make some changes. 

My Overflow

I realised that we can't control everything in our environment, but we can reduce the toxic load in our homes and make ourselves a little low-tox haven. I started making my own products using the essential oils I had been loving in my diffuser. I was making my own cleaning products and skincare and I soon found myself sharing these with my close friends and family. I got to see the most important people in my life finally take care of themselves by using products every day that served them.

I appreciated that not everyone has the desire, time or energy to make their own self-care products. I had now accomplished 3 out of my 4 big life goals, I was taken care of and I knew it was time to serve others, so Freedom Essentials was born.

My mission is to serve by providing you with these simple, low-tox products that nourish and serve your body. By providing you with clean self-care products, a toxic load is lifted from your body so that you can truly be your best self, fill up your cup and overflow.

Founder of Freedom Essentials




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Our mission? Creating low-tox essentials for your self-care rituals so that you can give from your overflow.

Nicole Dehais, founder of Freedom Essentials.