5 Ingredients You Want In Your Skincare

What ingredients to look for in your skincare products

In the health and wellness industry, we're always told about the ingredients in our self-care products that can be harmful and toxic to our bodies. I don't know about you but I used to get really overwhelmed. So instead of showing you another list of things to avoid, I wanted to talk to you about what ingredients you can look for in your self-care essentials. I also like to think of what ingredients make up a brand, not just physically but their mission, values and purpose are equally as important, so we'll dive into that later on.  

Skincare Ingredients

1. Readable Ingredients

Being a scientist at heart, for years I refused to believe that we should understand every ingredient listed on a label... I mean because everything involves chemistry, right? But these ingredients aren't always in our products in their natural state. They've been manipulated and altered to give a product desirable properties (like looking the same for years and lingering on your skin forever). While this makes a product sellable, they aren't always the easiest for our bodies to process and this can add to our toxic load. Opt for products with a simple ingredients list that is easy to understand so you can choose how you want to take care of your body.

2. Essential Oils

There's nothing I love more than reading all my favourite essential oils that have been used to fragrance my self-care essentials. I'm a massive advocate for choosing natural* over synthetically fragranced products and here's why. When you choose natural fragrance you're not harming your hormonal and nervous systems and you're not adding toxins to your body. Instead, you can support your hormones, you can improve the wellness of your nervous system and so much more just by making this switch. Over time you'll find that you become a little more in control of your body and you'll be able to pinpoint how different ingredients have an impact on you.

It's also great to see how different essential oils make you feel. I love that I can use my Lavender Fields Whipped Deodorant when I want to feel more grounded and the Citrus Dreams Whipped Deodorant if I'm wanting to feel more uplifted. It really puts the power back in your hands and you can make more mindful decisions.

*I know this term gets thrown around a lot but whenever it's used here I'm referring to our standard at Freedom Essentials where we only use wild-harvested essential oils that are 100% plant-based with no nasties.

3. Organic Ingredients

At Freedom Essentials, we love our organic ingredients! Both in our kitchen and on our vanity. We're putting these products directly on our skin and what you put on your skin ends up in your body so it's just as important to avoid pesticides and herbicides here. You can rest assured that our products are filled with nothing but organic base ingredients and wild-harvested essential oils - all free of any nasties and all there to take care of you.

Brand Ingredients

4. Australian Made

Imagine if you could get all of your goods and services from your own neighbourhood. Maybe Shane next-door is a mechanic, or your friend over the road sells natural cleaning products. You might even have a community garden going. What would your carbon footprint be? How about your wastage?

I can dream about that all day but it's not our reality. So what can we do? We can choose to support local businesses and reduce the journey from the source to you. This can reduce plastic use, improve air quality and so much more. Make sure you check out your local businesses and support them wherever possible

5. Packaging

When looking at the ingredients that make up your favourite brands, look out for recyclable, low/no-plastic or compostable packaging. It's also important to think about the protective packaging that's used to get from the source to you. Keeping packaging minimal and using little to no plastic can be difficult so when I find a local brand that ticks all the boxes I am a customer for life!

There is also an upcoming movement of integrating recycling into brands which is the goal for us too. This will be such an incredible feature because unfortunately in Australia, a lot of our recycling is done offshore. Imagine what a difference it would make if we could keep it local and change the current make-take-dispose model and have control over the whole process. While we're working away at the logistics of this for Freedom Essentials we invite our customers to hang onto their empties.

Browse our low-tox range below if you're ready to support your local and choose a product that takes care of you.



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